Anxiety Hypnotherapy in London

Tim Grimwade Dip CBH, MNCH (Reg.), Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist in MAYFAIR, BISHOPSGATE, CLAPHAM and via SKYPE

The official Website for Tim Grimwade, Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Central London with practices in Mayfair (near Bond Street Station), Bishopsgate (near Liverpool Street Station) and Clapham (near Clapham South Station; consultations also available via Skype. I specialise in Anxiety reduction and coaching Assertiveness and Behavioural Freedom to help my clients thrive, free from their old anxieties and stresses.

The role of Hypnotherapy to help overcome smoking addiction is well known and has been shown to be incredibly effective. Hypnotherapy can be used to counter other addictions, often as part of a broader strategy for addiction treatment. Much of the hypnotherapy approach involves addressing the thoughts, feelings and emotions of an addict at the critical times when they typically struggle with the cravings, compulsion and self-doubt that can lead to relapse. A greater understanding of what's at work at these points, self-mastery and hypnosis can give the addict the greatest chance of overcoming the old, patterned behaviour governed by their addiction.


I was a smoker for many years and, although I had managed to reduce my intake greatly, I continually struggled to take the final step of giving up completely. It was not until I found hypnosis and hypnotherapy that I finally managed to take the step from 'smoker' to 'ex-smoker'. When it came to it the change was made without drama, trauma, sense of loss or even particularly any effort.It was almost as simple as making a decision whilst knowing completely that I would stick to my decision. I wanted to give up smoking and for the first time I knew I would quite simply do exactly what I wanted. This is the most important question at the heart of the process: 'Do you want to give up smoking?' If the answer to that question is honestly and sincerely 'yes' then you will give up.

I knew on the day I gave up that I wouldn't smoke again, and all these years later I still haven't.

Gambling Addiction

Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction is available as a complementary aid to those who are already receiving support from organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous. Many of their therapeutic needs may already be met by such an organisation but Hypnotherapy can be used as an addition to help them explore some of the psychological triggers to their addiction and redesign their damaging pattern of behaviour.

Drug Addiction/Alcohol Addiction

Similarly to those with an addiction to gambling, those with drug or alcohol addiction are suitable for treatment with hypnotherapy once they are taking part in appropriate support groups and under the guidance of GP. Beating these addictions is often further complicated by physical dependency and it is vital that the full range of professional support is available in these cases.

Food Addiction

Although there are some similar practices involved with hypnotherapy for weight-loss and hypnotherapy to beat food addiction the latter is distinct from the former. Sometimes the first task is to discover and agree whether the client is addicted to particular foods at all. Food addiction is something from which anyone afflicted by it can gain their freedom and make a profound positive change to their life.