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Tim Grimwade Dip CBH, MNCH (Reg.), Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist in MAYFAIR, BISHOPSGATE, CLAPHAM and via SKYPE

The official Website for Tim Grimwade, Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Central London with practices in Mayfair (near Bond Street Station), Bishopsgate (near Liverpool Street Station) and Clapham (near Clapham South Station; consultations also available via Skype. I specialise in Anxiety reduction and coaching Assertiveness and Behavioural Freedom to help my clients thrive, free from their old anxieties and stresses.

Treatable conditions

Hypnotherapy can provide successful interventions for a number of specific conditions and behaviours. They can be broadly categorised into the following groups and subsequently refined further. Everyone is unique and therefore an individual's issues can sometimes straddle more than one category for a specific profile of issues. The categories include (but are not limited to)....

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and its Related Symptoms

Underlying anxiety can manifest itself in many different symptoms and can have a severely damaging effect on those who suffer from it. The causes of anxiety are familiar to most and include financial problems, unsatisfactory or unpleasant employment, interpersonal and relationship problems or a stressful family situation. Clearly some problems that have caused anxiety cannot themselves be alleviated with therapy, such as financial problems or the ill-health of a loved one, but how you manage the anxiety can be improved greatly. It is of great advantage to optimise your ability to manage stress and anxiety within a difficult situation. In other situations the cause of the anxiety can be examined and improved within cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy such as interpersonal and relationship problems to improve the quality of your life.

There can be few people who have never felt some apprehension at the thought of an unfamiliar social occasion or environment but for some this anxiety can be strong enough to restrict their behaviour leading to avoidance of difficult situations, poor interpersonal performance and, ultimately, increased anxiety. This pattern can be broken to the point where a former sufferer can learn to actively enjoy, not just tolerate, situations that had previously caused such anxiety. This can also be used for problems in the corporate environment too, such as anxieties with public speaking/addressing groups of colleagues or corporate networking.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias

From fear of particular animals to flying, heights or enclosed spaces phobias are so common but also so treatable. Cognitive-Behavioural interventions have an outstanding record when it comes to helping people overcome their fears and the additional use of hypnosis enhances the rate of improvement and the profundity and permanence of the change.

As a former smoker of many years I know that simply being aware of the many good reasons to quit does not make it easy to do so. Hypnotherapy has shown over many years that it is an effective aid to defeating many addictions. It worked for me with smoking and, just as importantly, I still use the skills I learned from hypnosis to ensure I won't go back. I am a listed practitioner of smoking-cessation hypnotherapy in the 'Quitza' global community for giving up smoking.

Hypnotherapy for Compulsive Behaviours

The reasons behind our behaviours are complex and often far from obvious. Sometimes our behaviour can be damaging to us and those around us. In these cases it can help hugely to take an analytical and honest look at what motivates, reinforces and perpetuates these behaviours as part of the process to put you back in charge of your actions.

It's never too late to improve, develop and learn new skills. Weaknesses can be turned into strengths, feared ordeals into comfortable experiences on the way to reaching your life goals. The process of hypnotherapy can be deployed to add to anyone's skills and help them meet their potential.

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It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.
— Seneca, The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca: Essays and Letters